matteo turns one.

a few weeks ago we celebrated matteo's birthday.
(banner by my cousin at heartfelt banners.)
the bigs played "pin the donkey" as nicolai called it.
gifts were kept simple, lots of books, some clothes, and this wooden switchback race track.
dessert was just like nicolai's first birthday: vegan chocolate cupcakes with (not so vegan) marshmallow fluff and colorful sprinkles. 
he enjoyed every bite and family guests jumped right in getting matteo and the living room rug cleaned up before i even noticed.


holidays come and gone.

a little recap of our 2015 holidays:
old town lights with meems:
 choosing our tree;
adding the star:
 visiting santa:
family outings: 
 grown-up time at d's holiday parties:
christmas morning brought grandma and pops for a whole week.
there was plenty of shoveling:
and sledding, too.


52 weeks old.

we're celebrating matteo's first birthday this week.
gee whiz, that came quickly.
he was a great center of attention at his party and gobbled up his cupcake like a champ.
he's a keeper...of course.


51 weeks old.

i'm realizing this is a mama's boy.
when m is home without me he can raise a stink and be difficult to calm.
i make an effort to nurse him down (even a bit early) before heading out with hopes to make the night easier for d.
matteo continues to wake during the night for a nursing or two.


50 weeks old.

matteo's started the walking while holding someone's hands when encouraged recently.
still not a lot of walking along tables or anything.


49 weeks old.

oh matteo.
he is pulling to stand, to climb, and even trying some bits of steps when holding furniture (not so much when holding hands).
he claps with ease, usually following nicolai's lead.


podcast love (2).

in august i mentioned some podcasts i was loving at the time (still do!).
here are a few more...

food related:

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