18 weeks old.

blythe has become a slobber babe lately.
i've been feeling around for teeth but no (phew!)...just her salivary glands kicking in.
she weighs 12 pounds now.


16 weeks old.

miss blythe is a total giggler now and she has indeed found that thumb.


15 weeks old.

blythe is waking at night more than before...we are thinking it has to do with her arm movement.
she is determined to get those hands into her mouth (thumb sucker like matteo perhaps?) but hasn't managed any certain digits consistently.
when out and about she does better in a stroller than being worn, she and i just haven't found a position in the carriers in which she isn't fussy, though she and d have managed successful baby wearing a couple times now...so there is hope.
she's occasionally having little sighing noise sessions (cooing?).


recent read: hillbilly elegy.

for book group i recently read hillbilly elegy by jd vance.
it made me remember the days just after college in which i read a lot of auto/biographies.
i like peeking into another's experience...one that i've had no personal knowledge nor experience with.
this one let me view a life in kentucky and ohio then the marines and yale law school...quite the journey...quite the story.


14 weeks old.

blythe accompanied me to a neighborhood ladies' book group weekend away in steamboat on friday and saturday nights.
our friends kept commenting on the fact that she never cries.
she let them hear it a bit here and there, but overall she really is a mellow gal like i'm always saying.
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