raising a child.

a friend asked me recently if i journal.
i have mentioned before that i consider this space a form of journal.
just before nicolai was born, however, i purchased a little notebook to write short letters to him about our time together and his growth/changes/abilities.
in the beginning of his life i wrote in it on perhaps a weekly basis and now i write at least once a month.
i hope that one day he'll read through his mama's words and know how much he's loved, for all time.


nicolai goes camping.

we took nicolai on his first camping trip this past saturday.
we haven't gone camping since moving to colorado four years ago...go figure.
meema came along and despite lots of rain, which changed our dinner plans from the campfire to a restaurant (ha, ha!) and caused us to take cover in our tent at times, we had a nice time and we are ready to go again soon.



summer days.

i feel very lucky to spend my days with nicolai.
this summer has been no exception.
 it's pretty special to be present for every little thing.


from the kitchen lately.

we've tried a few new recipes.
some of which we've eaten and some we've played with.
super easy play dough (i threw the ingredients in the stand mixer using the dough hook).
and one night for dinner: rachael ray's spinach-artichoke pasta recipe (we used short pasta instead of tortellini, vegetable stock instead of chicken broth, and whole milk instead of heavy cream).
i used this frozen fudge bar recipe to fill nicolai's popsicle molds, but churned the remainder in the ice cream machine for us grownups...mmm.


kids' lit.

nicolai recently received toot & puddle by holly hobbie, from his tutu (great-grandma).
the original story of two little pig friends.
puddle loves being home and toot loves to travel.
the format is alternating postcard and story text.
though their interests are so very different, they are true and caring friends.


yellow front door.

during my little blog vacation (and it was very nice, yet strange), d painted our front door yellow.
we had picked out the color a long time ago and even purchased the paint.
finally when the weather was warm and we'd be home all day in order to remove the door, we pulled it down and took it to the garage.
after sanding it down he added 3 layers of behr ultra 'summer field', let it dry, and we rehung the door.

the previous door was a brown, peeling old varnish covered mess.
aside from an annoying coat of sawdust all over the entire garage and it's contents, (we should have thought to sand in the driveway then paint in the garage) the project was a success.
now to keep or remove the storm door...a decision for another time.
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