recent read.

i've just finished delicious by ruth reichl.
this is her first work of fiction.
i loved that occasionally i'd catch myself wondering how/what certain people were doing then realize i was thinking of her characters and i would find out if i could just plunk down with the book.
throughout the novel there is passion for food, cooking, and the people involved.


weekend (no so far) away.

this past weekend we went camping at the local KOA campground.

(the boys loved set up time and bouncing across the beds uncle ryan was setting up)
we hadn't planned to camp there, but with many surrounding area campgrounds full, we tried our luck and they had two spots side-by-side for us.
it was pricey for a tent campsite, but the price covered participation in their rec center: bouncy zone, mini golf, train rides, bike rides, boat rides, washers, horseshoes, pickleball, sport ball check-out, etc.

(train ride)

(just outside the tent)
the bouncy area was for kids over 5, so our boys have something to look forward to in the coming years.

(a final pedal boat ride on a pink flamingo boat)
it's certainly not for the hardcore camping elite, but for our family full of boys under four, it was a hit and the grown-ups got to sleep under the stars, beside a lake.
(evening marshmallow roasting required shades)
(morning by the fire)
d suggested it be our end of summer tradition as far as camping trips go...sounds like a good idea.
(nicolai and meema sharing a round of golf) 


recipes worth repeating.

some days call for a really easy home cooked dinner so i thought i'd try my hand at one pot pasta despite some serious doubts and both this thai pasta and this italian pasta turned out great.
i have a slight addiction now to alton brown's soft pretzels...i'm not even sure how many times i've made them in the past three weeks...just three...maybe.
while i couldn't get passed the fact that i was eating so much butter in the filling of these cookies, d loved our homemade "oreos".
i made these sesame noodles substituting the fresh veggies we had on hand (broccoli and carrots).
i've been seeing granola recipes popping up all over the place lately and tried these granola guidelines with items we had on hand.
d made garden fresh tomatillo salsa from this book.


breakfast lately.

with some drizzly days here on the front range and cooler mornings, nicolai and i have been having oatmeal for breakfast.
our preferred method:
1/2 c water
1/2 c almond milk
1/2 c oats
1/4 of an apple chopped 
brown sugar
salt to taste


recent watch.

this little dvd caught my eye one day at the library.
it's only 20-some minutes long with the cutest animation.
it's about taking care of a friend no matter the cost and the friendly help one finds along the way.
now we're on the lookout for oliver jeffers' books at the library.


weekend away.

last weekend we headed to the black hills.
this was our second trip to mt. rushmore and custer state park, which d really loves.
we all rented a two bedroom cabin at holy smoke resort in keystone, sd.
the cabin included a kitchen so we were able to cook meals together and avoid the extra expense of eating out. 
fun times with friends we hadn't seen in over a year, buffalo sightings, and family road tripping time made for a really nice getaway.


recipes worth repeating.

energy bites- recommended by d's cousin and devoured by the males in this house.
mayonaise-d couldn't tell the difference between this and best foods when i forced him to do a blind taste test. in fact he guessed this was the best foods.
summer rolls-perfect for a ladies' night in my sister's neighborhood...much preferred the peanut butter sauce.
blueberry scones-far more like cake than the scones we normally make, but easy to throw together one morning.
peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies-because there was no butter in the house but a baked good was "necessary".

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