looking back on our week.

sunday morning beauties.
now that i'm off dairy, (it seems to be helping matteo's skin like magic) i'm eating a whole lot more fruits and veggies.
the kite festival was beautiful and fun and a nice break from the clouds and rain that may has brought.
  matteo in the bumbo.
 matteo in the high chair...rice cereal is not a fav.
 nicolai did his own hair.
with bag balm...ick.
 our first purchase for matteo's room.
(yes, the walls are still yellow, boo.)
 matteo in the johnny jump (it was a week of new things for him!).
 nicolai (in the blue hat) gets right up front at read aloud.
 kisses from a big cousin while i was at pilates.
 racing, ears plugged, to see the passing train in old town.
getting the hang of a half roll.


recipes worth repeating.

we took the coffee crumb cake from this book to a brunch.
some pasta that i was surprised we liked as well as we did.
really yummy sour cream and chive biscuits.
a variation on this pasta has been on our table monthly at least.


20 weeks old.

matteo has eczema it seems.
we're doing a little experiment to see if he has a milk sensitivity...i give up dairy for two weeks and see if his skin clears.
he's been reaching for his toys on the play gym, creeping onto his side (not yet rolled, but looking so close), and laughing, laughing, laughing.


recent read.

i'm always up for decluttering, organizing, and rearranging things.
i was looking forward to reading the life changing magic of tidying up, by marie kondo.
now i'm going through everything bit by bit.
according to the author, this is a once in a lifetime event and once you have only the things you love, you won't live in clutter again.
(figuring out what that looks like when living with three others, well that's yet to be determined.)


19 weeks old.

matteo self soothes regularly with his thumb sucking.
he moved into his own room, which is a little stark, but he hasn't complained.


3 years old.

oh my, we hit 3 and it's changed everything.
we're revamping and tightening up our timeout procedures and our behavior expectations.
all that aside, nicolai continues to love books and listening to stories.
he loves playing with trucks, kicking a ball, and is showing interest in baseball (much to d's delight).
he continues to be a great napper (most days) and sleeps well at night.
he cracks us up with the things he says and is beginning to feel out how to joke with someone.
daytime diapers are a thing of the past though his preferred place to pee is outdoors.


18 weeks old.

in an effort to get caught up here with my weekly photos and be back on track (i'm one week behind with the posts, not the photo itself) i'll just say matteo continues to be a joy...laughing, smiling, eye contact galore.
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