16 weeks old.

matteo has become a thumb sucker as of last thursday.
he may have some trouble finding and properly placing the thumb but he's slurped away in some capacity everyday since.


recent read.

for christmas i received mainly tea themed gifts from my in-laws.
included in the gifts was life by the cup by zhena muzyka.
each chapter tells her story of starting and running her tea business.
at the end of each chapter she leads the reader through an exercise aimed at achieving a purpose-filled life filled with happiness and success.
i'll admit i skimmed the exercises in an effort to devour her story, so next time i open it i plan to read a chapter a week focused on the exercises instead.


a sick kid.

nicolai awoke throwing up tuesday morning.
this year he's been sick more often than ever before.
i had a stash of sick bags from the hospital back when nicolai was born, though with five uses before noon we ran out.
luckily i noticed i can restock via amazon.
the bags work really well for sick days, both when i used them post operation and when nicolai used them at home...keeps everything clean and tidy as can be.
any secrets you have for dealing with sick kids and how do you working parents do it???


15 weeks old.

matteo's regularly waking three times a night for quick feedings.
the long night sleep was short-lived (only happened that one time, ha).
he's proving difficult to leave at home without mom, as a bottle gets completely rejected.
d's been a trooper for hair appointments and pilates time, but we're going to have to slow down on the solo mom outings, it seems.


14 weeks old.

matteo is displaying an assortment of new sounds recently.
a squeal of sorts, a long "ahhh" noise, an "ugh" that lasts and lasts.
(quite something to try to describe baby sounds.)
thankfully, we are having a much better time with the car seat now.


13 weeks old.

matteo had his first nine hour stretch of sleep at exactly three months old the other night.
he's beginning to slide along the bassinet mattress with his kicks and thumps while "sleeping".
i've pulled out the 3-6 month clothing stash now.
we love making him giggle.


12 weeks old.

matteo continues to be a pretty chill guy with lots of smiles and some laughs.
he's growing quickly, and especially when in cloth diapers fills out his 3-month wardrobe.
we are enjoying our forth family member, no question.
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