recipes worth repeating.

it's been cold lately.
we've made
and the last brownie recipe i'll ever need (i add instant espresso powder).


8 weeks old.

we are newly able to anticipate matteo's sleep patterns to some extent.
he's finished with his medications and seems improved, though it could  take two more weeks to be cleared.



 because this little fella needs his treatment every four hours...
 this one seems in need of a little extra attention.
so we've been building roads and railroads,
 playing with the valentine treasures from his stash,
 building magnetic animals on the fridge,
turning the front beds into a construction site/car track/farm, for which mama needs an imaginary ticket to attend.
and when the two year old napped, because he is a good napper...
i'd get quality time staring at the 7 week old.
(and sometimes napping myself.)


7 weeks old.

sadly matteo is sick with RSV.
the day starts and ends with an oral steroid and every four hours we interrupt his sleep to do breathing treatments around the clock.
he's been a trooper.
please send your positive, healthy thoughts and love.
we are hearing some sounds that are new (and unrelated to illness) which are more like human language vs the grunts and snorts from weeks prior.
his sweet smile emerges now and then, too.


st. petersburg, fl.

meema is taking the family to st. petersburg, florida for her 70th birthday soon.
have you been?
any must-do items you'd recommend?
of course our main priority is beach time.
our own family will take a day trip to a set of d's grandparents, introducing them to the boys for the first time.
we've heard about the dali museum, grouper sandwiches (might be skipped by this vegetarian), sea critters cafe, and st. pete beach.
what else?


6 weeks old.

this boy is beginning to smile at us.
we're getting 2.5-3 hour sleep stretches some nights still mixed in with the occasional 20 minutes, oy.
his cry sometimes sounds like a baby feline's growl.


2.75 years old.

nicolai is now a big brother to his "best bud" (as i remind them both often), matteo.
he is full of (perhaps too hard) hugs and squeezes.
strangers continue to complement his speaking abilities.
recently he discovered he can stand up in the center of the hot tub which has freed him to jump from the side and try more tricks.
finally he can touch the ground on his kick bike so we're hoping to help him gain confidence there.
he is full of opinions which he's never shy to share with us.
we find ourselves reminding him to use his kind words and manners during those whiny or demanding moments.
lately he likes making up stories, which always begin "once upon a time..."
we love having our 2 year old sous chef at our side in the kitchen for meal prep and play dough/paint making.
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