12 weeks old.

matteo continues to be a pretty chill guy with lots of smiles and some laughs.
he's growing quickly, and especially when in cloth diapers fills out his 3-month wardrobe.
we are enjoying our forth family member, no question.


current read(s).

both interesting and relevant and for those reasons i can't seem to set one aside to finish the other.
vb6 is mark bittman's own story of and game plan for going vegan everyday until 6pm.
your 3 year old was mentioned by ashley over at hither and thither.
nicolai will be three so very soon, so i'm getting a jump on it.


11 weeks old.

matteo is quite adored by this admirer, though we're still figuring out how to always be gentle.
matteo's been napping pretty consistently everyday beginning at 9 am: couple hour nap, up for an hour or so, couple hour nap up for an hour or so...
though he still doesn't love the car seat, we are beginning to have some quiet car rides, thank goodness. 


clutter exchange.

sometimes the messes get to me...i have to arrange the magnets just so.
and when messes get to me all around the house, i attack.
a couple weeks ago i hosted a clutter exchange.
each guest brought whatever household items she no longer wanted: clothing, accessories, kitchen goods, books, etc.
i got a new tea pot, some breast milk freezer bags, a powder foundation, a few new outfits for matteo and some paper products.
i also packed up some baby girl goods for a friend on the east coast expecting her first, and sent them off in the mail.
the ladies each left with new items and i donated the leftovers to the good will the next day.


10 weeks old.

it's been a big week:
matteo laughed.
matteo slept for 8 hours straight one night.
he's beginning to smile for even non-family members.


9 weeks old.

matteo is beginning to squeal.
he smiles and smiles at mom, dad, and big brother.
some nights we're getting up to a 4 hour stretch of sleep.


recipes worth repeating.

it's been cold lately.
we've made
and the last brownie recipe i'll ever need (i add instant espresso powder).
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