4 weeks old.

matteo is beginning to track us better with his eyes.
we find him staring into a ceiling light or studying any contrasting colors with unwavering focus.
can't say much has changed in the sleep department: every other night is a decent pieced together amount of rest...the off night is a struggle.


recent watch: tiny house nation.

where have i been?
we don't have cable, so most of our tv is viewed online after it's aired.
the other day i noticed two episodes of something called tiny house nation on hulu and it's great!
i guess it's regularly on the fyi channel (didn't know that existed) and searching that website i also found a show called tiny house hunting, which i'll have to try later.


3 weeks old.

matteo continues to spend most of his time sleeping.
in his sleep he makes a lot of grunting noises, sputtering noises, and something akin to ET.
he is definitely a baby that loves to be held and cuddled.
sometimes he can be snuggled up so peacefully in someone's arms, then as soon as we lay him in his bed he's up and upset.
he'd probably love to co-sleep, but that makes us so very nervous...we won't try.


product love: ice cream.

totally ridiculous post, i know...but have you tried turkey hill double dunker ice cream?
mocha ice cream, cookie dough, and chocolate cookie swirl.
if you can't get it in your area, come for a visit and we'll split a container with two spoons and no bowls.


2 weeks old.

matteo looks a little different everyday.
we're finding better sleep some nights with 2.5-3 hour stretches.
nicolai loves giving him (gentle) hugs and "nose-nose-nose"-gnome kisses.
today is my first day home without d...paternity leave is over and it was so nice.


nephew love.

yesterday our youngest nephew, bode, turned two.
d and i only get to be auntie/uncle through my sister, so their two boys are it.
it's so special to live close together and celebrate every chance we get.
our day started with a pancake breakfast at meema's and finished with a taco shop birthday party out.



aside from short spurts of nighttime sleep the trickiest part of growing our family ten days ago, has been the sibling balance.
i want to have time and energy for everyone.
i don't want anyone to feel slighted, to feel less important, to feel they always have to wait.
in many ways i know i'm being unreasonable, but i'm trying to find the best way to speak to each son in the company of the other...to emphasize our roll as family members, the important job we have to take care of each other, and for nicolai i often point out that he was once this small and had so many of these same needs.
we're learning slowly how to treat one another and there are many sweet moments tucked in between more stressful, tense moments.
hopefully the latter will become few and far between as time passes.
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