recipes worth repeating: cookbook inspired.

d and i don't spend money on books, but we're constantly reading.
we get to the library at least twice a week.


33 weeks.

matteo sits up nicely (unlike the picture) with us nearby and digs through his little toy collection.
he's eating with us at night and loves watching us sing our family meal song.


our new furry family member.

it's been a year-and-a-half since we lost our diego-boy and we've been considering a new addition (of the animal variety) ever since.
this weekend we took the plunge.
she's a ragdoll that we rescued from the county humane society.
we're calling her freya so far.


podcast love.

are you a podcast lover?
there are a few podcasts i've been loving lately...wouldn't you guess they're food discussions.
food52's burnt toast
real simple's things cooks know
i download podcasts to my phone then have a listen when i'm alone at nap time or cooking dinner.


32 weeks old.

matteo is quite entertained by big bro, nicolai.
he's also trying lots of foods and liking them, which makes for real deal diapers now...i'll have to get back in the diaper sprayer habit.


and away he goes.

when a body is finished there is much to reflect upon.
i will miss you, uncle ben.
i am so full of tears and memories and love.
you are one very special guy.
love you and thanks.
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