energy bites by nicolai.

a couple days ago nicolai wanted to make energy balls after watching a donal skehan video.
knowing we didn't have the exact same ingredients from the video and knowing i wasn't going to put espresso/coffee in a three-year-old's snack, i quickly searched 'basic energy ball recipe'.
i came across these guidelines for energy balls and gathered appropriate ingredients from our pantry.
i'll admit, i'm no fan of recipes like this (uncooked globs that supposedly provide a pick me up) but nicolai's version is actually really, very good...the best i've had.
nicolai's energy bites
1 c oats
1/2 c dates
1/4 c peanut butter
1/4 c raisins
2T + 2t maple syrup (1/6c)
1/4t cinnamon
1t chia seeds
mix in a food processor, roll into bite-sized balls with your hands, and store in a jar.


40 weeks old.

that's it...he's been out longer than he was in.
matteo started crawling on exactly his 9 month day.
with the new skill he is able to interact with nicolai more easily.
his hair is laying down a bit more in places.
he's a good eater, trying a lot of what we eat at the table.
today he made his first big mess when he pulled a bunch of kids' paperbacks off the shelf...certainly the best kind of mess.


39 weeks old.

matteo can hardly stay still for even a diaper change.
lots of rolling away from the changing parent with us trying to hold him down long enough to snap him into his fresh diaper.
d uses funny voices saying "no" while repositioning him, to which matteo laughs and laughs.


38 weeks old.

matteo is getting his forth tooth (the second on top).
d has seen him scoot along the floor on his rear.
he'll express his opinion regarding sitting, standing, laying down with a big arched back or kicking feet or stick straight legs in refusal.


welcome autumn.

we're beginning to see a bit of yellow in the trees, to feel that chill in the night air, and i can tell the oven is ready to bake some bread once more.
we recently pulled out this book, cooked up this recipe (i only used half the sugar), and brought the space heaters out of the cupboard.


recipes worth repeating.

ginger fried rice (next time we'll add our typical fried rice veggies: carrots, edamame/peas, celery, corn).
pumpkin pie smoothie (still off dairy, so i skipped the yogurt).
glowing skin smoothie (i used water instead of coconut water).
roasted cauliflower (again, i skipped the cheese).
chickpeas and spinach which i paired with alton brown's yummy rice from here.
nicolai and d really liked the sweet cream ice cream recipe from big gay ice cream truck's cookbook and it was really easy to make.


37 weeks old.

matteo is still waking twice a night to nurse.
he loves the baby swing at the park and is beginning to jump higher in our johnny jump up.
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