new recipes of late.

for easter we made this tortilla espaƱola and this honey vanilla cake
on a hot sunny morning with the nephews visiting i made sorbet.
in trade for an assist with the first jeep oil change, i made sesame noodles for my sister's family one night...it was a hit.
and two recipes from the vegetarian times cookbook, which we've made multiple times: nutty noodles and garlicky brussels sprouts.
what's your favorite new recipe?
any links to share?


current read.

i'm plowing through fruitless fall by rowan jacobsen.
makes me want to get some bees...not sure we're allowed...but how amazing they are.
happy earth day!


easter success.

nicolai is at a great age to really enjoy the festivities yesterday.
(nicolai the "stop to open each" egg hunter)
we had him open an easter basket from out of town family first thing in the morning, then brunch and a family egg hunt at meema's.
(cousin tyden the "won't settle for hardboiled" egg hunter)
today the living room floor is already scattered with his easter bounty and i had to distract him from indulging in another day of chocolate for breakfast.


kids are funny: nicolai.

the other night when reading counting books and counting our own toes, nicolai looked up at me and said, "let's count mama's penis." 
a moment to talk about our differences, eh?
oh the things we're in store for.


recent read.

how to eat a small country, by amy finley, has landed me back on the food memoir kick i tend to wander through regularly.
imagine france, food, and (at times) complicated family dynamics...i've been glued to it.
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