9 weeks old.

we officially have a smiler.
(one day we'll capture it for this pic)
blythe is a trooper: up each day to ride biggest bro to school by bike trailer, where she falls asleep every.single.time.
some nights we are up just once or twice now.


8 weeks old.

we've moved blythe into size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothing.
she's no longer a newborn.


7 weeks old.

this week blythe is tracking our movements and responding to voices a bit.
we continue to catch glimpses of little smiles though they disappear as soon as we think that's what we saw.


6 weeks old.

blythe is beginning to smile a tad.
she had an ultrasound appointment during the past week to check for developmental hip dysplasia.
we got word back that the ultrasound was normal...yay.
she now weighs well over 8 lbs.



we have entered the transition to kindergarten.
it's proving to be a challenge.
we are finding our way through.


5 weeks old.

it looks like it's time to put a few NB sized items away.


4 weeks old.

we visited the pediatrician this week where blythe weighed 7 lbs 4 oz...she's growing.
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