a night away in the woods.

on saturday we packed the car to the gills and headed two hours up a nearby canyon for matteo's first camping trip.
our site was right next to a small river and a four year old kid in the neighboring site, so there was plenty to keep busy.
(finding snippets of time to keep not-busy)
most of us moved our veggie dogs to the grill pan, but not nicolai.
 (hammock approval)
(testing the water with meema)
it was a short and sweet little getaway.


29 weeks.

matteo is sitting up longer and feels sturdier while seated solo, though he still topples eventually.
he is full of laughter, sometimes just when i make full eye contact...almost as if it's his communication at this point.
he has a fuzzy head of thick blond hair that's recently defying gravity.


promised love year 9.

we've been married 9 years...how'd that happen?
our vows from that day:
i take you to be my wife/husband, my lover, my friend.
i promise to be yours through all this life brings.
i commit to acting lovingly toward you for the rest of my life.
i am dedicated to making everyday of your life worth living.
i choose to live by your side and dream in your arms, always loving you.
you are my one true love.
(year 3 sort of here and here)


28 weeks old.

matteo's got extra big smiles for d's arrival home after work.
he's near constantly in motion...doing that flopping fish kinda thing babies are so good at.
while nursing he's easily distracted, arching his back to look around then flopping back over to get back to nursing.
the other night he tried waving to d.


recipes worth repeating.

i tend to want easy meals come summer, so lately i've been making old favorites again (think summer rolls, greek orzo/couscous salad, tofu blt sandwiches), but there are a few new items thrown in:
easy watermelon juice.


27 weeks old.

matteo is sitting up for longer bits of time using his arms as 'kickstands'.
he loves gnawing anyone's finger (and it hurts).


recent read.

oh man, blake mycoskie's book, start something that matters, is inspiring.
talk about simplifying life and creating something meaningful and life changing for oneself and so many others (he created toms).
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