recent read.

oh man, blake mycoskie's book, start something that matters, is inspiring.
talk about simplifying life and creating something meaningful and life changing for oneself and so many others (he created toms).


26 weeks old.

we celebrated matteo's half birthday last night.
needless to say, time flies.
he's a straightforward and mellow fellow.
he cries for few things: sleep or mama milk.
he still wakes one to two times each night.
thus far he intently watches us eat, but when it's his turn he's not so enthusiastic.
still just the two lower teeth coming in and they're sharp!
happy half birthday my little treasure.


25 weeks old.

matteo is getting his first teeth, both breaking through on the bottom.


24 weeks old.

matteo's rolling front to back and back to front now.
still waking one or two times a night and growing like mad (he's wearing 6-9 month clothing).
he hangs out in different places throughout the house: sometimes in the johnny jump up, sometimes in the high chair, sometimes on the floor under a play gym.
outside he likes watching leaves blow in the wind.
often when we are out other people comment on how mellow he is.
he's darn swell.


22 weeks old.

late...we were on vacation again.
matteo was a travel trooper: flying, driving, and pac n play sleeping like a champ.


21 weeks old.

matteo is keeping us entertained with his raspberry noises.
he's entertained by his big bro, laughing at the dinner table as nicolai eats.
the eczema does indeed appear to be a milk sensitivity, so this mama's off dairy.
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