22 weeks old.

blythe has started making raspberry noises.
we are suddenly waking multiple times an hour in the wee morning hours...i'm blaming it on a stuffy nose and dragging myself up in the dark to get that tiny nose cleared out.


21 weeks old.

blythe rolled from back to tummy wednesday night.
she has quite a bit of control over her pacifier moving it in and out of her mouth or pulling it off the floor when she's lounging on a blanket.
she had her first pumped bottles without us (we had practiced to insure she'd take it once apart) while we attended work holiday parties.


20 weeks old.

blythe continues to be mostly mellow and full of smiles.


these times.

i wonder if today's girls are going to grow up in a totally different culture with regards to sexual harassment/men behaving badly.
it's just such a normal and often hidden part of our culture it seems.
maybe that is changing.
today's boys are growing up in a culture with consequences...at least at the moment.
the dam is broken.
i think it's the righting of a wrong.
hopefully the next generation will look back at this with shock, that this behavior and disrespect could exist.
i hope the current uncovering of these secrets and uproar against them makes the lines less blurry about what is and is not appropriate (on both sides) going forward.


19 weeks old.

blythe got to try rice cereal on thanksgiving...she didn't think too much of it.
we keep thinking she's close to rolling over but thus far just the quarter roll, getting stuck on the underside shoulder/elbow.


18 weeks old.

blythe has become a slobber babe lately.
i've been feeling around for teeth but no (phew!)...just her salivary glands kicking in.
she weighs 12 pounds now.
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