it's a new dawn.

so...our laptop from 2008 just wasn't quite cutting it anymore.
i would turn the thing on and wait and wait and wait as it processed every little thing i asked of it.
but, i had a birthday this past week and now have a new-used laptop, so i hope you'll be seeing more of me/us here.
how have you been?


and december begins.

we started december with gingerbread house building,
then a visit to santa's read aloud at the local toy shop, 
and finished the day attacking said gingerbread house.
let the holiday season begin!


23 months old.

items of note:
matteo waves goodbye while reaching his hand as high above his head as he can.
he calls all food/meals/desire to eat: "lunch".
he asks us to follow him by saying, "come" and reaching out a hand upturned for us to follow.
if we ask where we are going the answer is usually "kitchen".
matteo's putting words together into short phrases instead of speaking in only one word sentences.
he likes to draw colorful scribbly circular pictures.
we recently converted his crib to the toddler bed and he usually gets cozy and settles right in.


20 months old.

matteo is more and more little kid like and less and less baby like all the time.
he's answering our questions with a "yep", "nope" or a shrug of the shoulders.
nicolai likes to repeatedly ask him, "matteo, can you say _____?" to which matteo plays right along.
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