friday : purple

what a lovely little place to pick up notes from one's friends,
wish it were mine

just waking from hibernation

deepest purple

good bye my new friends from color week, and thank you for this week-long friendship.  i'll be dropping in on some of you in the future (daily in fact) as your blogs speak to me in that unknown way, i'm sure you can relate to.  thank you lisa  for such a simple thrill.


  1. Your lilac is so pretty - I can smell it! And the last photo is wonderful, that deep, deep purple looks so rich with the chartreuse pot!

  2. beautiful purples! thank you for being such a lovely part of color week!

  3. i dont have a post box (or whatever you call it!), and am always envious of those who do. that one in particular is delightful.

  4. These are gorgeous. I especially love that last image.

    Thanks for playing, it's been a blast, and I've loved seeing your lovely photography! :)

  5. What lovely purples - my favourite shot is that charming mailbox! I've so enjoyed your colour week posts... Thank you!

  6. The middle picture is delightful!I love it! :)


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