thursday : pink/red

room with a view

never to be pink again

reminded me of mango

red tree

have you read it?  if not, drop everything and go, go now!  read it.  keep tissue on hand.  


  1. Great selections! I love the shadow on the red wall. And no, I haven't read "The Giving Tree," but now I'll go seek it out :)

  2. they do look like cut up mango, dont they!?

  3. I read this story before,One of the best by Shel Silverstein!
    You know I think our parents are just like that tree,Sooooo kind that we can't never reward for their sacrifice!
    P.S.Love your red tree!

  4. Gorgeous book! And I love the picture of the succulents - now that you mention it, they do look like mango!

  5. Love the picture of the tree...and that story...is one of my many favorites! I gave that book to my father one year for his birthday. So sweet!


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