monday meal.

last night we arrived home around 8 after 5 1/2 hours in the car.  
we wanted something for dinner, but needed it to be quick and healthy.
i decided to spice up our rice and beans, which we often eat for lunch at work.
we had been given tomatoes and onions fresh from the garden at d's parents, so i incorporated those ingredients to get a jump on using all the bags of veggies we arrived home with.
here you go...

rice and beans
1 1/2 c rice (brown or white or a mixture of both)
1 can black beans (you can prepare your own as well, but in a time crunch, canned works fine)
1 tomato chopped
1 onion sliced
2 cloves of garlic sliced
a dash of cumin
salt to taste

prepare rice separately (1 1/2 c rice to 3 c water)
in a saute pan heat oil and garlic (begin with garlic in the cold pan)
add sliced onion until all begins to brown
add can of black beans
heat through.
add chopped tomato
add dash of cumin
add cooked rice and heat through.
salt to taste and serve in bowls.

simple, delicious, filling.


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  1. john lenker says (as I show him your blog...) in all her travels....why hasn't she been to seattle... hee hee. then he said, she's gotta be a great teacher! he doesn't know i wrote that. xo


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