has it crept through your door?

it seems to be that time of year.
the sore throats, the stuffy noses....has it reached you yet?
growing up in our family it was called the "dreaded throat disease" and we had a cure.
try it, i promise, the symptoms will flee.

put a tablespoon of salt in the bottom of a glass.
fill the glass halfway with warm water.
be sure the salt dissolves.
now use the solution to gargle with a few times.
then put a small puddle of the stuff into your palm.
bury your nose in the liquid and sniff, hard.
(yes you may feel you're drowning for a second, but you are not.)
repeat, blow your nose and move on with the day.

do this a couple days in a row once in the morning, once before bed, and you'll have it beat.

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