french onion soup.

this weekend was full of time, therefore, soup seemed in order.
here's how it went down:

3 large onions, sliced
2 T butter
3T flour
1T worcestershire sauce
1t sugar
1/4 t pepper
64 oz vegetable stock
1 bay leaf
salt and pepper to taste
sliced bread
olive oil
sliced mozzarella
parmesan cheese

saute onions in butter.
add flour, w-sauce, sugar, and pepper while stirring.
pour vegetable stock over onions, add bay leaf, and reduce heat to low.
leave on stove as long as you please.
just before serving, turn up heat under soup.
warm olive oil and butter in a pan and brown bread on either side.
once light brown, place bread on paper towel-lined plate.
heat oven to broil.
place bread on cookie sheet topped with mozzarella slices.
let broil until light brown.

serve soup in bowls topped with parmesan and a slice of bread floating at center of each bowl.

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