a little self promotion.

d and i decided to join forces and create a new little blog together.
because we live in wine country and often think we may miss it once/if we move and we may even decide in hindsight that we didn't take advantage of what we had, we've decided to visit a winery a week and blog about our adventures.
though we have a couple favorites right at the front of our minds and they're the places we go to again and again, we decided to hit up a couple of new (to us) places to kick the blog off with fresh energy.
don't worry, we'll get those other favorites in at a later date.
we will post (probably) once a week, so check in now and then and start a wine tasting list for your next voyage to wine country.
(picture by d)

1 comment:

  1. yeah, that is exciting! i also like the new look to this site :)


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