fit to print?

so, as i said yesterday, i need a little help deciding which 2 images are worth printing onto cards.
i've tried to pair them by category.

shall i do 'beachy'?
shall i do 'welcome home'?
shall i do 'fun zone'?
please indicate your advice in comments.


  1. i really like the "fun zone" pics...nice for summertime "just thinking of you" cards :)

  2. I second Stephanie’s choice. The “fun zone” pictures are happy, vibrant and perfect for the summer... I loved all the pictures of the carousel swings you’ve posted on the blog!

  3. thanks girls, i really appreciate your opinions. anyone else? keep 'em coming.

  4. The fun zone were also my favorite pics. They evoke a happy childhood times and take you to a place you always want to be... FUN ZONE!! :)

  5. Well I guess I go against the grain. I of course like them all but my favorites are the first and third. I know that's not a pair, but I've always loved that one of the post in the sand and then I really like the door, the light and the vine one for some reason.

  6. thank you girls...you're the best!

  7. I like the Fun Zone!
    If I could choose two, post and first carnivalish one. The door one is also great. As you know, I like em all.


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