have you ever just wanted to walk into a whole new life?
don't get me wrong, all the people would stay right in their places, but the things, and workings, and places, would be changed.
i've been away from home now for 8 days (tried my best to prepost so you wouldn't notice too much) and my roots have been jostled.
sometimes i get this way when out of town, but then as soon as i'm back near the bay, it all dissolves and i feel at home once again.
but for now, i want to soak it in, and ponder it awhile.
what would it be like, to just up and walk away (with my d of course...he is still home and in our case the heart does grow fonder)?
maybe walking away is not the proper wording....i prefer this question: what would it be like to walk towards something new?
i am not the type to carry out a whim (unless it's rearranging furniture).
i tend to plan and work towards something over time.
but right now, i want to pull up roots, acquire some new growth, and bloom in new surroundings.

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