it's here.
i've officially finished my 5th year of teaching, and while i rarely mention work here, today i am:
this was the first year i struggled to enjoy my work.
during the previous 4 years i love, love, loved it.
this is also the first summer, that i haven't known the school and grade-level i was going to teach in august.
at this point i am still pink slipped.
so in an effort to keep a positive attitude and to keep motivated, my first summer post is to chronicle the summery activities i've accomplished.
there are some summer days i can feel quite bummed to be hanging out alone.

if this weekend is an indication of what's to come, it was a great summer kickoff.
it started saturday, when i got up early and into the pilates studio for a mat class.
later, d and i drove to sf for a tailgate party and the giants vs. a's baseball game.
sunday, was my first sailing lesson.
d is now able to take boats out at his sailing club, so he's going to be my instructor.
we went out on a catalina 22, and i began to learn the basics.
i got a bit nervous at times, but it was a good first time out.

today i'm off to a dr. appointment and a massage.
i'll keep the summer-happiness going...

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