craziness in fort collins

d and i have been in fort collins, colorado, staying with my twin sister and her husband.
yesterday we took part in a goofy-nutty bike race.
d and i were the "fort collins posers" and rigged up some costumes.
i found a golden christmas tree skirt at a thrift store and wore it as a cape, then found a silver dog washing apron in my sister's costume box (guess that's something you have when you live in fort collins) that i turned into d's cape.

the race is called urban assault and may be coming to a town near you soon (there are 6 more locations between now and the end of september).
it consists of check points where we completed some goofy task (think: rides on a rubber ducky, puzzles, paper toss, human bowling, piggyback polo, big wheels, slip n slides) to earn a bead.
once we collected all seven beads, we returned to the start/finish line at new belgium brewery for the after party.
we had a blast!
d is in love with this town.


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