napa bucket list.

on sunday morning, as i was beginning to chop veggies and heat stock for a pot of soup, d asked, "wanna go on the wine train today?"
knowing it's something he's wanted to do for years, i answered, "sure".
funny to live in a tourist town, knowing some had this adventure planned for months, and there i was jumping in the shower and throwing on a dress to make the 11:30 departure.
being at a local address we got a 50% discount, which was a smart thing for d to think to ask.
i felt the food left something to be desired, though in the next car there was a great looking cheese plate (not on our menu).
we had salad, ravioli, creme brulee, and chocolate tiramisu.
the dessert was great, as was the dessert lounge!
d loved the adventure (one of his many hobbies/interests is trains) and the views, of course were lovely.

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  1. this is great! i love the spontaneity and adventure :)


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