our address.

it was a weekend of goodbyes.
d and i are preparing for a move.
we will say goodbye to our tiny home...number 9 on the court.
goodbye to our jobs.
goodbye to wine country.
goodbye to the bay area.
goodbye to california.

we will say hello to colorado.
hello to fort collins, to be exact.

we are taking a risk.
a risk to live near a twin.
(a high school friend-his)
(a college friend-mine)
it appears we are leaving a lot for a little.
but we are in need of a change.
we may be back one day.
we may settle happily and grow deep roots.
this may be the beginning of a series of new views in our little life.
at this point there is no telling what the future holds.

honestly, i had expected to slip away quietly and begin anew.
however, person after person, told us we must have going away parties.
therefore, saturday was a goodbye with the few college friends left in the area.
sunday was a goodbye with d's family in northern california, plus his parents, who drove up from further south.
and it sounds like there are more goodbyes to come.
we are loved.

we won't leave until mid-early august.
we still have boxes to pack.
but change is in the air and we gain courage in the midst of the unknown knowing that we're going together.

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  1. Perhaps the "little" will open you {space} up to more...I won't say bigger or better but perhaps something wonderful...


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