diego's adventure.

this is our traveling cat diego.
he was of course along for the trip, though we were worried about him during the long drive.
before we left napa we grabbed a dog crate that would fit between the seats in the moving truck.
we were amazed by what a trooper he was!
typically this little guy cries and wails when riding in a car.
we feel we stumbled upon a genius purchase as he was able to lay down, stretch to his heart's content, and see out all sides of the "cage".
he impressed us so much that we even let him out now and then to sit in the passenger's lap or on the floor.
only once did he give us a scare, climbing into d's lap while driving and blocking his view on the dashboard!
we managed to find pet friendly hotels (honestly quite easy these days!) and diego cracked us up, as both nights we were in rooms with 2 beds.
he thought he'd died and gone to heaven having a whole person-sized bed to himself.


  1. Cute! I'm glad he did so good for you guys.

  2. Wow! Good boy Diego. I'm glad the three of you had a great trip and arrived safely. I look forward to seeing pics of the new stomping grounds.


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