let it be what it be.

we made it.
we took the long, wandering, scenic route from california to colorado, via arizona and new mexico.
it was a great trip.
nothing unexpected happened, we slept each night in each state (tuesday night in cali, wednesday night in arizoni, and last night in new mexi.
each day we set out on our drive hoping to get further than we were able to in a budget rental truck with trailer attached, towing our little mini cooper.
at times i'd get antsy anticipating our arrival and the hugs and greetings we were to receive.
d would remind me to "let it be".
and of course we had a great drive and arrived when we arrived and received the hugs and greetings, just as expected.
tonight we'll sleep in our new town...and i'll let it be what it be....a post with no photos....but perhaps that'll make way for a weekend post (or two).

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