a day in the life.

here's the rundown of life in fort collins today, for this 30 year old retiree and my 29 year old retired husband.
it started with some breakfast at home.
i checked the blog world.
we went out and did the mundane:
filled the car with gas (haven't had to do that very often since moving here).
deposited some money in the bank.
then had some fun:
went to the cupboard for an item i'll tell you all about very soon...it's a little project we're a part of, created by one of our best buds in california.
stopped in at new belgium brewery for a few sips of their beer.
came home for some lunch of rice, black beans, salsa, and some of d's fresh made queso fresco.
watched a documentary called between the folds which was surprisingly excellent.
played ball with our furry niece.
i went off to pilates (my addiction).
upon arriving back at home i finished preparing the dinner d had started.
then we watched survivor all together (sis, bro-in-law, d, and i).
now it's back to the blog world to catch up on what's gone on while i've been in the 'real world'.

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