a few weeks ago d and i transformed this $5 garage sale table.
it was black and chipping (in a not so cute way) when we got it and we decided it was calling out for a new hue.
i was visualizing a plastic-fantastic-blinding-bright-yellow, but couldn't convince my better half to go for it, so we compromised and this is what we came out with.
i'm so unsatisfied with it and i think deep down this isn't exactly what he imagined either, though he'll have to leave a comment here as i haven't heard him utter those words.
at this point i think the not-so-cute-chipping-black was a better look for this tired little piece.
so for now it sits in my sis and bro-in-law's garage awaiting another makeover (insert d's major eye rolls here).
what do you think?
opinions please....crazy bright yellow? fuschia? back to black?


  1. Well, black is my favorite color so I might vote for that. But not like the chipped pic above. Nice, solid, shinny black. Or, if it were going in my cabinish house, I'd go with a burnt brick red or something crazy like that. But maybe I'm not the one to ask b/c I think your makeover of it looks nice. :)

  2. I vote for the yellow! I love bright yellow pieces in a house. Makes it feel cheery!!

  3. I vote for bright yellow or a fire engine red. It looks like a piece that needs brightness to it for sure.

    -Sarah H.

  4. ugh my comment went away. I like the black and all its wear and tear. One thought is sand down some of the yellow (middle pic) and give it a faux vintage look. Let's see the finished product.... xo


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