weekend recap.

we had quite the sportscentric weekend, which is quite unusual in this little family of 2 plus a cat.
we decided on a whim to take in the csu rams football game on saturday.
the team wore orange in honor of their past history as the aggies (now rams) and won for the first time in a long while.
and it was an exciting win at that, scoring 3 points, thanks to the kicker, in the last few seconds of the game.
each time they score a touchdown or field goal a canon announces the achievement and their live mascot (a handsome ram, poor guy) runs underneath the goalpost.
it's quite the celebration.

sunday we went to denver to watch the rockies lose to the giants at coors field.
as my sister pointed out, colorado is a fun place to watch teams because most of the state roots for the one and only team there is.
quite a difference moving from the bay area, where the baseball teams played a mere 17 miles from each other.

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