gonna be an auntie.

(the soon-to-be mom and dad)

on this final day of gratitude month i get to post some news i've been wanting to post each and everyday.
had to save the most exciting for last.
i am grateful that quite soon i will be an auntie.
my sister and bro-in-law (l and r) are expecting their first wee-one in june.
i. can't. wait.
i have some big shoes to fill, as i have an auntie that has set the best example of a loving, kind, generous, and caring guide.
she's spoiled me rotten, too.
i hope to offer half as much of what she's offered me, to my little niece/nephew when they arrive.
one of the reason's d and i moved to fort collins just three-and-a-half months ago was to be near l and r as our families grow.
our timing couldn't be more perfect.


  1. Congratulations, and what a wonderful way to end a month of gratitudes :)

  2. How exciting! Congrats all around!!!

  3. yayayayay!!!! my heart is overflowing with joy for you all! congrats to l&r! so excited!!!

  4. oh how exciting!!!! you're going to be a great auntie!

  5. Wow, wow, wow!!! Definitely exciting!! Congratulations to the expectant parents and the whole family!!


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