my job.

ok, after 5 months claiming to be 'retired' i have landed a job in a super cute little boutique/shop in old town.
i love having a place to be each day (that i'm scheduled...still hoping for more hours) and a reason to get all dolled up.
i'm also thankful for a job where i can wear clothing that is 'me'.
the other day this is what i wore after a bit of hemming and hawing over whether or not i looked professional enough (too many years as a school teacher, worrying about what others thought each day) and i was asked 4 times if this was my shop....it was only my 4th day!
i was surprised and honored...perhaps it's just that i look older than my co-workers, as they are mainly students and/or simply youngins.
i'm just happy to be out in the world yet again and to be in a shop that is so very inspiring and cute and colorful and cheery and happy and friendly and...


  1. cute, are you getting some good ideas for when we open our shop? :)


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