november 2nd gratitude.

today i am grateful for warmth.
having recently moved to colorado from california i've been pleasantly surprised by the lack of freezing cold temperatures.
riding my bike through town today was an opportunity to soak up some fall glory.
leaves glowed in the trees, fell to the ground, blew in the wind, rustled under my tires.
moment after moment held pure joy.
to celebrate it once i got home i bounced in the light.
(ignore the shadows...or don't...they were part of the lovely day, too.)
~to watch the gratitude spread head over to curious girl and scroll through all those taking part.~


  1. this is so nice!! i think i would like to join in... :)

  2. join in the gratitude that is... although a bike ride and a little jumping sound fun too!

  3. Sounds wonderful and looks fun too!


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