today i am grateful for serendipitous moments.
fort collins is hosting the third stop on the us gran prix of cyclecross this weekend.
d has been looking forward to this event as he is a huge fan of cycling and loves to photograph races.
we attended the riders' number ceremony tonight at a local restaurant and happened to set our drinks down next to a very nice camera and lens.
when the owner of the equipment came by the table i commented on the care we were taking to keep from spilling on his stuff and we got to talking.
turns out he lives in the bay area so we had a bit in common.
however, when d came back over and i introduced the two of them, d totally knew the guy through the web and cycling world and was extremely happy to meet him in person.
he had in fact tried to connect with him when we lived in california.
not saying the meet up will lead to anything, but we got some photography tips and had a really great time talking with him.
(photo by d)

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