more holiday spirit...cookie style

since leaving the lovely state of california in august, we've missed our old group of friends that we used to get together with for holidays and birthdays, etc.
because we didn't have our annual friendsgiving, i suggested we all organize a cookie exchange through the mail.
each couple is working on a dozen cookies for each of the other four couples and will put them in the mail this week.
d and i had fun playing with recipes to make them a bit more holidayish and packaging them for the mailboxes of the friends we love.
they'll be receiving them over the next two days and perhaps we'll have cookies show up on our doorstep soon, too.
i'll share the recipes in a later post, as i wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for the recipients.
something that surprised me as i addressed each box: though we all met in the same area and all but one graduated from the same university, no two couples live in the same town.
talk about going our separate ways.
that's why an event like this is so special.


  1. ooh! i love the cookie packaging (and the usps delivery, too)!

  2. everyone should do this!! can't wait for your cookies to arrive! We're eating some, freezing some, and sharing some with our neighbor!


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