paper christmas continues.

so after making my paper chain, paper flags, and paper dewdrop garland (my unofficial name), i've now created a paper wreath.
the other day i realized i could use my paper punches to make something new.
i pulled out my holiday colored paper (as close as i could find, as i'm only using what's already laying around the house) and got busy.
using the cardboard back from a tablet i cut out the ring i'd use to glue my punches onto.
starting with largest cuts i glued the pieces into place and continued around and around the wreath until i ran out of pieces and called it a day.
i then glued a ribbon from the back that serves as its hanger.
it has migrated from the spice rack (as pictured above) to our key hooks by the front door and though it's very much 1-dimensional it's very sweet.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! This is my fav of your paper decorations. And I'm sorry, but I'm coveting your circular punches. I think those will be going on my birthday wish list this year.


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