a picnic.

with the school year coming to an end and the staff dispersing to new places in the fall, we've been offered a few good-bye parties.
this week it was an outdoor bbq luncheon on a beautiful nearby property.
i took the liberty of shooting around the property.


weekend away

friday night d and i raced down to santa cruz for a night in our favorite little bed and breakfast.
keep in mind one must be a minimalist.
no frilly lace, no victorian mansion, no crazy-sweet breakfast, not even an innkeeper in sight.
it's quiet, perfectly clean, relaxing, and heavenly.
here are a few shots from around the place (adobe on green st).


new wanderings

as a result of color week, i came across a few new blogs worth the daily wander.
it was so great catching a glimpse of what others saw throughout color week.

when you have time visit these folks:


color week:saturday:rainbow

it has been so much fun playing along during color week.
thanks to curious girl.
i've found some new blogs to wander through daily.
thank you to all.


color week:friday:green

want more?
head over to curious girl and scroll down the list of participants.


color week:thursday:purples

wanna see other players' purple?
check the sidebar here.


color week:wednesday:yellow/orange

i am loving the looks at everyone's color week photos.
go to curious girl to see them yourself!



a few new daily wanderings.

i've added some new blog finds along the right sidebar.
perhaps you'll enjoy them, too:


current read.

staying with the boat theme, i'm onto a new read.
why didn't i think of that, by john and susan roberts, is packed with sailors' tips for the lifestyle.
we want to enter into this as prepared and knowledgeable as possible, despite being new to the scene.
many folks living on a boat seem to have been on the sea since childhood, and though we grew up near the ocean, sailing was not a family activity.
we're finding ways to make up for lost time as quickly as possible.


happy birthday.

today is d's 29th birthday.
we'll be celebrating for days.
dinner, a weekend getaway, overnights away from home (even one on a boat!)
happy birthday, love.
you are the best.


summer feels near.

my students are counting down the weeks to summer (4 1/2 to go).
we're getting close, so i spent a little time on anthropologie's website, looking at the sale items that brought thoughts of summer to mind.
relaxation is right around the corner.


color week!

lisa, over at curious girl, is doing color week again.
last year i think color week helped me get into the groove of posting daily (though i fell back out of it later and have since regained my momentum).
i am just excited she's planned another this year.
anyone care to join?
give her your comment and you'll be included, then post pictures during color week, according to the color "assignment" of each day, on your blog.
i'll be on the lookout for colorful spaces in my daily life, then post them here the week of may 17th!


the lucky four.

thank you to those that commented on the "fit to print" posts.
we have settled on the lucky 4 images that will be sent to the printer today.
feeling a little nervous as we send our photo babies to someone other than ourselves for printing, but hey, feeling excited, too.
we're branching out into a new avenue with "real" cards to give (perhaps sell) after all the years of the paper cutter, glue, and hand folded madness.
to those of you that gave your input on what was fit to print, prepare to receive a little gift in the mail.
if you know you did, but don't know if i have your address, please email it to me at simplyblythe@yahoo.com
hopefully we'll be so thrilled with what we receive, we'll be sending more images to the printer soon.


spring flowers.

i keep seeing these springtime flowers all over living room chairs.
we are not looking to redecorate these days, but if we were, i wonder if we'd go this route.
would it hold our love through the years, or would we be ready to switch it out with the seasons?
pretty, though, no?
(1. overstock)
(2. pier 1)
(3. crate & barrel)

fine words.

a quote to internalize and let guide me for a while, until it becomes intuitive:

man is born to live, not to prepare for life.
life itself, the phenomenon of life, the gift of life, is so breathtakingly serious!
-boris pasternak

am i busy preparing or am i living?
and you?
where do you fall on the live/prepare spectrum?
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