grandma's voice.

since you may never have had the privilege to meet grandma, i am going to pull quotes from some letters i've come across that she'd written to me over the years.
for those of you that did know her and have had the pleasure of reading a letter she sent you, i'm sure you'll smile...did you keep any of them?
it's been awhile since she could easily write, but it was one of her pass times.
she always had a white tablet, she always dated the letter, usually added the time of day, and sometimes the town she was sitting in.
her letters were simple...about everyday life, meals, and plans she was making for the near future...kinda reminds me of my blogging...hmmm.
she might put a letter aside one night, then start it back up another day, and you would see that place in the letter, sometimes a new pen, or she may add the date and time like a new header, or she'd mention it in the very next sentence.
here's a taste of her voice for you:

"All's well-Progress made in the garden, my good old car washed plus a list of other items required for proper housekeeping."

"What a neat experience I've enjoyed as bird watcher, weather woman or whatever's caught my fancy in the past 6 months."

"According to my wristwatch it's 5:45 and I'll eat my dinner. T Joe's cooked tiger shrimp, asparagus and 1/2 a broccoli cheese quiche that's been previously ready to eat but not."

"Oh luck, you are the one to receive the enclosed clip from a newspaper FOOD section. Try it-ya might like it."

"Personally I enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean from their deck that I most likely will just sit there and absorb the atmosphere."

"After we filled our tummies we browsed in shops and visited a gallery in the nearby arcade. There we saw collages that were interesting and very pricey. Who knows but what our composited pictorial note paper and dated handwritten notes will become even more valuable to some archivists."

"Lots of love OOO's & XXX's Grammy B"


  1. this is so special; what a great way to remember someone- through their hand written letters. it emphasizes the value of this lost "art".

  2. This does make me smile. Thank you K. for sharing. I got a note once. It came in a tiny envelope and it made me feel super special! =) R. always knew how to do that!


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