kris carr.

we got to see kris at a book signing on friday night.
she was great.
her energy and spunk are exciting and contagious.
honestly, i felt as though i'd already seen her speak to me face-to-face thanks to her vlogs.
have you read her books?
do you check her blog?
do you drink green juice?
if no, explore her a bit...


  1. I shall...Thanks for the links.

    {Has this space become brighter? It looks great!}

  2. this looks really interesting! have you done the 21-day cleanse? do you juice every morning? do you have a juicer? i am going to request this from the library!

  3. I just saw her in SF last night. I was hoping for more information about food. But I cannot complain, she has such a presence of positive energy you cannot help but feel it rub off as you listen to her.


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