learning to: knit.

when we were all in southern california for the rose parade i had asked my mom to teach me to knit.
somehow between rounds of scrabble apple, texas hold 'em, rummy, socializing, preparing meals, and vegging out, we hadn't found the time to sit together and have the knitting lesson.
so despite the super shuttle coming to pick us 'colorado kids' (as gma used to say) up at 4:30 the next morning, ma and i stayed up in the living room until midnight and she taught me what i needed to know to get started.
i've been practicing here and there.
usually i knit until i find that somewhere "back there" i made a mistake, then i free it from my knitting needles and start again.
since i do not have my mom here locally to teach me what i need to know next, nor to translate this skill into an actual useful item, i got a kids' knitting book from the library.
i figured i could follow directions written for kids and get the very, very basics down pat.
i'm so thankful for that quiet night on the love seat in south pasadena with my mom teaching me to knit.


  1. this sounds wonderful, great idea to look at a children's book :) looking forward to seeing finished crafts!

  2. Oh why don't we live closer so we could learn together?! I've been wanting to learn how to knit so bad. I gave it a try once but was taught by a beginner....not good. I love your idea of getting a kids book. I've been wanting to teach Logan and Felicity how to finger knit or knit using those peg things. Maybe we'll all learn together that way. I can't wait to see your first creation.


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