lessons learned from watching grandma.

grandma often had people over for celebrations and gatherings.
watching her prep for a party was witnessing the ultimate party planner in action.
she kept lists.
not only did she know exactly what she'd be serving and have the groceries purchased well ahead of time, but she also had all the serving dishes out where they'd be placed on the day of the event.
in each serving dish she'd placed a little slip of paper with the food intended for that dish written on it.

grandma's house only had a bathtub (until very recent years) and she wasn't wasteful, choosing only to fill the bath partially up the sides of the tub.
i remember grandma showing us that you could lay back in the tub and use a wet washcloth to cover your chest and keep all the warmth around you, even up out of the water level.

we once traveled to europe with grandma and whenever we needed assistance from locals she'd just tell them we were stupid americans and that we'd gotten lost/couldn't speak their language/etc.
the locals would kindly giggle and immediately assist her.
despite calling herself stupid she was very clever.

grandma was usually prepared to sleep anywhere when on a road trip because she kept a sleeping bag in the trunk of her car.
this came in very handy when she stayed the night on the couch at my freshman dorm room suite.
boy were my roommates shocked...she was 85!

grandma kept her mind sharp.
she was great at cross word puzzles.
just last weekend i was reading the clues to her and she was spouting off the words to fill in the blanks.


  1. very, very much enjoying the posts about grandma. this is a great one.

  2. Almost ethereal, always meticulous...


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