memories of grandma.

when i was a kid i sucked my thumb.
i remember lying in gradma's bed sucking my thumb.
sometimes she'd ask what flavor it was.
knowing that she'd want a taste my answer varied depending on my mood.
if i didn't mind sharing, i'd tell her it was chocolate/vanilla/strawberry/etc.
and yes, she'd have a suck of my thumb.
however, if i didn't feel like sharing i'd tell her it was skunk flavored.

for decades grandma wore a small-flat bun on the top of her head.
when she'd kneel down to our level we used to pat her bun and call out, "pom pom".

now and then we'd take vacations with grandma.
often having a rental car we'd stop for gasoline and grandma would get out of the car to smoke while our mom filled the tank.
numerous times we'd find her on the edge of the gas station lot weeding the flower beds.
she kept an immaculate front yard despite a huge sycamore in the middle of the lawn, often keeping up with the fallen leaves using just her hands, when the job didn't require taking out the bin and rake.

when we were still small enough to be picked up by grandma she'd lift us off the ground and say, "ooodeedoodeedoo".

i remember her singing '76 trombones led the big parade' on her 76th birthday.

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  1. it's really nice reading these memories of grandma. you actually sound a lot like her; guess all her love, fun, youthfulness, spunk, passion and creativity rubbed off on you.


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