some goings on.

d and i recently updated the etsy shop.
not much activity there since starting it up in june, so we decided to drop the prices and try again.
if you don't see what you want there or you live outside the united states but want to buy, please feel free to email and we'll figure it out.

we are also the book selectors this month over at the book cook club.
we'll be cooking some of the recipes in moosewood restaurant new classics, eating, then commenting on the outcomes.
we're anxious to see what the other contributors have to say about it, too.
we fear we may have gone a bit hippie on this one.


  1. haha! if "hippie" equates to healthy and delicious, then count me in! :)

  2. I like hippie Kim! How exciting for the shop update and to be the book selectors. I love that you guys have a shared interest to share wonderful time together in.


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