stories grandma told.

~grandma's kitchen window used to look out over the neighbors' yard.
long ago she saw the young neighbor boy through that kitchen window.
he appeared to be busy playing in the dirt in his backyard, so grandma asked him what he was up to.
he told her he was digging a swimming pool.

~grandma often told me that as a young girl, when someone offered to help me with something i would sometimes respond, "i do it byself".
and when lindley and i wanted something to drink we often asked for "applejuicy-applejuicy".
as little girls we often wore gnome hats out and about.
grandma liked to remind us of a time we went to some gardens and the man at the ticket window told us, "gnomes are free today"...little did we know the ticket price for kids was always free.

~grandma once had a dog named taint.
i asked grandma how the dog got it's name.
she said that once someone saw the little animal and said, "well, that t'ain't even a dog!"
grammy-girl, you are thought of everyday.
though it's hard to believe you will no longer be there to see and visit with, i know you are all around.
you have blessed my life beyond measure and i feel so lucky to be your granddaughter.
you added so much to our childhood and the following years.

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  1. thank you for sharing all the lovely stories and beautiful pictures of grammy.


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