time away.

we had a great trip to pasadena for the rose parade last weekend.
being born in pasadena, seeing the rose parade is a family tradition, beginning in utero.
i have to admit i have missed five parades in my lifetime...all during my 20's.
this year's parade was great.
the horses, the bands, the floats, and flowers everywhere!
during the years that i've missed the parade i've found it painful to watch on tv.
first of all it just doesn't compare to being there in person and secondly it makes my heart ache.
mom, grandma, sister, bro-in-law, d, ma-in-law, pa-in-law, plus my sister's in-laws, second cousin with her beau, and two close family friends all gathered throughout the weekend in our family home base in south pasadena (gma's house).
10 of us slept all over the three bedroom home.
we spent lots of time relaxing and playing games together.
i loved it!

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