the birthday adventures.

so yesterday we headed down to boulder for some bday fun.
somehow lindley and i ended up in the same colors all day long.
white tops at breakfast, purple tops and grey pants while hiking, and grey tops at dessert...this was not at all planned.
we first headed to chautaqua for brunch and a hike, then to the hospital to visit a family friend recovering from surgery, then off to dushanbe teahouse for a late lunch, a walk around pearl street, and ice cream at glacier finished off our boulder time.
once home, we all ate our mom's famous cheesecake...though lindley and i noticed we were the only ones singing 'happy birthday' all the way through, which kinda works when you share your birthday...you don't have to sit there awkwardly with an embarrassed-center-of-attention-no-thank-you smile.
it was such a fun day.

1 comment:

  1. love the pics! look at lindley's baby-belly... so cute!!sounds like a super fun time :)


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