a garden.

when d and i moved here in august we went on a farm tour.
basically, a bike ride around town to tour a few different csas and backyard gardens, lead by a local community group.
we were told on that ride that we could start planting spinach in february.
once we moved into this rental house complete with a comfy backyard and a garden box, we knew we'd have spinach to eat fresh from the yard.
so yesterday we drove down to the local nursery and picked up some seed starting soil, spinach seeds, basil seeds, and buffalo loam.
the seeds are going to be started indoors and we'll just see how they do, then rig something up outside to protect that spinach through the rest of winter.
the basil will stay indoors until it's really, really nice outside.
the buffalo loam went into our potted lemon tree, which has been living in our laundry room and going out for sunshine on particularly warm days.
on saturday the high temperature was around 69 degrees, today it's supposed to hardly break 0, yet we're getting right on that promise of spinach growing in february.

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