recent read.

i've been reading the coupon mom's guide to cutting your grocery bills in half by stephanie nelson.
stephanie decided to make couponing one of her jobs when she quit working to stay home with her two kids.
she found that food was a place she was able to drastically cut the family spending.
my take-home pay is only 18% of what we used bring home in napa.
at this point i'm the only one working and i earn a small hourly wage.
we figure any frugal wisdom can help, so this book has come in handy.
as silly as it sounds, it's a page-turner...i know, i know.
check her website if you'd like (though i prefer the book).
do you have any little budgeting tips?
(photo from here.)


  1. my cousin is super hip on couponing... she gets most things for free, and SOMETIMES gets PAID to take things from the store!?! it's amazing what is available if you put a little work into it!

  2. okay, I'm down with coupons and all, but half the time they are for items or dare I admit brands I'm not a fan of. I feel as if a majority of coupons are for super processed food. I'm curious how coupon cutting is working for you. Let me know. xoxo


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