revisiting childhood.

i don't know if i should admit this, but at 4 or 5 years old lindley and i used to watch three's company.
we had our own name for the show: "jack".
we thought he was so funny as he slipped, tripped, ran into things, and generally made a fool of himself.
d and i have been watching it lately via netflix and it's amazing some of the content in the show that went right over the heads of the little girls sitting on grandma's bed or bedroom floor in front of the tv.
no, grandma wasn't watching.
to her credit she probably trusted we were busy watching sesame street or mr. rogers (which we also have memories of viewing regularly).
anyway, it's hilarious watching these dvds because david had never seen the show (good wholesome family values in his household) and cracks up, i mean crazy-man-uncontrollably-loud laughter.
did you watch any wildly inappropriate television when you were a kid?
tell me lindley and i aren't the only ones.
(photo via here)


  1. this is great! we watched The Wonder Years a few months back. i had never seen it, but bry grew up with it...such a great show!! maybe Three's Company will be next on the list ;)

  2. Loved this post, Kim! Made me laugh out loud thinking of sweet little Lindley and Kim and watching that show with no clue of the adult topics taking place.

    When I was a kid, the wildly inappropriate show was "Roseanne". Even as a kid I thought it was inappropriate for us, but my mom loved it. Rugrats we couldn't watch because she thought the cartoon kids were rude, but "Roseanne" she had no problem with. Funny!

  3. I totally watched 3's company!


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