it's been quiet here.
it started snowing yesterday around 10pm, then snowed through the night, into the morning, and part of the day.
i had to shovel the front sidewalk at the shop...my first shoveling experience since moving to colorado (d does all the shoveling around our home).
yes, it's cold, though we've been surprised by our ability to adapt to this type of weather.
people tell us we'll get sick of it, but for now we're enjoying the awe and magic we feel when the snow falls.

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  1. Its been so very warm and sunny here in central Cal that the kids play outside in just their undies and get covered in mud and water in their mudpie kitchen. Though that's nice and people say we are SOOOO lucky, even my kids wish for snow. Just like us. Wish we lived somewhere that got at least just a bit. I'd love to see my kids dressed up like snow bunnies and having a great time in the fluff.


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