change is good.

(the old work room)

perhaps you remember my end of year clean-up back in december.
well, after having two guests come stay with us on two separate occasions and watching both of them politely turn down our guest space (one chose the couch and the other chose the guest room at my sister's house) we decided we needed to make a change.
so we moved our bed into the front room just off our living room.
(the new bedroom "as is", excuse the rumpled sheets)

there is no door separating the two spaces, so we have a curtain that can be pulled across the opening for privacy.
being that it's normally just the two of us around here, privacy isn't an issue.
the bookshelves, printers, and crafting materials have all been moved to our old bedroom which still houses our clothing and dresser, so it's a bit of a storage/dressing room, though there is a chair in there that we've both already used as a sitting room.
we are loving the sunshine in our new bedroom with a south-facing window.
now we have a cheerier space to offer our guests, while we set up an air mattress in our dressing room for ourselves.
we're finding ways to make this funny old house work for us.

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