healthy living.

a best friend's family is dealing with cancer.
f*^&$@* cancer!
i've shed some tears for him, but am confident that the love and positive feelings that surround this phenomenal human being are sure to kill cancer on their own.
all this to say a cancer diagnosis brings me to thoughts of my super hero kris carr.
one daily ritual i've started thanks to her is dry brushing.


  1. I'm so sorry about your friend. You are right though... positive thinking, positive surroundings and positive people are so important when dealing with as you say if f*&$@ cancer.

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend. We know the cancer story here. It is a hard road. I recommend the book "Help Me Live: 20 Things People with Cancer Want You to Know" I found it very helpful.

    I also took up Kris' idea of dry brushing - love it!

  3. ...Cancer. Is there a more dreaded word? Sending good ~healing~ to your friend.

    I dry brush too...Every night before the bath...I think it helps. You?

  4. You have good friends kim. xo thanks.

  5. ps...if you're into this dry brushing and it is what it says it is...i have some thoughts on the way/direction you should brush given my little knowledge of the lymphatic system. ask me if you're interested.

  6. sending love and courage to you, your friend and everyone xoxo

  7. oh...I never know if y'all reply to my comments...can i tell your friends I am the friend. Thanks Steph and Kim, appreciate any prayers. So, IF if were to brush I would start at my chest/neck and brush a few times at an angle toward my shoulders...then I would essentially work down my arm, ONLY brushing toward my shoulder, never brushing toward my fingers. So, after my chest I would brush around my biceps/triceps toward my shoulder 5-10 times, then from my elbow and up, then from my forearm and up then my hand and up...you get the picture. Same with the lower body...brush up toward your trunk, but work your way down. Not sure about how to do the trunk...essentially I'm just following the flow of our lymphatic system. who knows...


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