i won!?!?

do you enter giveaways?
you know, those fun little items a blogger may come upon to share with their readers?
i see giveaways all the time, and i consider whether or not i can use the item/s, then i decide if i want to enter or not.
i won't just enter for the sake of entering...i like to keep my possessions in check and gathering more, more, more, only feels wasteful.
but when i saw a giveaway over on my red tutu, i jumped at the chance to enter...i just like her energy and the risks she takes to live her dreams.
and low and behold, i became the recipient of her giveaway.
i couldn't stop smiling when i read my name on her blog post announcing the winner.


  1. Congrats! I do the same thing you do with giveaways and only enter them if its something I'd use. I've won one giveaway which was a craft kit for the kids. We haven't made it yet as its a Christmas craft so its in the cuboard for next winter.

  2. haha! so fun! congrats on your big score!!

  3. So excited you received the goodies! Hope you enjoy them. And thank you so much for the blog love! xo


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