learning to: save.

since reading this book, d and i have shopped differently.
first of all we took a day to wander around some different grocery stores all over town and log their prices on a bunch of different items we buy regularly.
(lettuce, onions, brown rice, flour, olive oil, potatoes, salsa, celery, dry black beans, etc.)
then we discussed the benefit of shopping either at the store with the most low prices or riding/driving all over town to get the lowest price on every item no matter what shop it's in.
d is much happier shopping at one (or two) stores and not chasing down items all over town.
thus our store of choice is called sprouts.
our best deals are then listed in a notebook and updated when we find a better deal.
this week onions are all over the grocery adds at .49 cents a pound.
not for us, we know that the lowest price we've paid for onions is .19 cents a pound, so we'll pass on onions this week (aside from the price, we have a bowl full of onions on our kitchen dresser anyway).
actual coupons have come into play a bit, but not as much as i expected.
so many coupons are on items we just never use, but slowly i'm learning more about how and when to use coupons.
for instance, safeway had some great coupons in their weekly ad last week that deducted after their card price.
therefore, i headed over the other morning and loaded up on pasta, tortillas, sauces, and cat litter.
these are items that can keep for a long time, so there is no pressure to use them right away, but there will also be no pressure to buy them at a higher price in the coming weeks.
all in all, we eat differently now.
we used to make a menu of whatever we wanted to eat for a week, then go out and get the ingredients necessary to execute the weekly menu, no matter the price.
now, we buy what is reasonably priced and figure out what we can make with those ingredients.
we eat a lot of fresh produce, bulk bin items, and pastas.
we use a lot of spices.
we do not eat meat.
we are happy and well fed.

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  1. And soon you will walk out into your garden and make a whole meal from what's growing in it that night. :)
    I too need to get better at coupons.


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