addicted to: scones.

we've been playing with scone recipes around here lately.
taking belle & sparrow's chocolate chip scone recipe and omitting the chocolate, we've been able to create a few other scone variations.
i love her recipe because it's crazy-simple and quick...no cutting in butter, like some other recipes call for.
we've succeeded with a lemon scone, using lemon emulsion and lemon zest.
adding cheddar and pepper made a great savory scone.
today we're having a grapefruit zest and vanilla scone.
there's a hunk of ginger root on our wine rack that's gonna have me brainstorming how to incorporate it into a scone.
sweet: ginger and sugar?
savory: ginger and curry?


  1. oooooo....I vote for ginger and curry. Happy baking my sweet friend!

  2. Gosh those scones look tasty!


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