living small.

back in 2002 i lived in "the shack", as we (housemates) referred to it.
in truth, it was an old elementary school bathroom building converted into a one room space with a closet.
it was in the backyard of a home (where the housemates lived) and i'd go inside to use the bathroom and kitchen.
from 2007-2010 d and i occupied 430 square feet in napa, and in fact during that time, had a 10-week house guest.
so, small living i can do.
d on the other hand prefers his creature comforts, and small spaces don't often lend themselves to such luxuries.
so i am always on the lookout for great ideas for living in small spaces.
i figure one day i'll find the perfect option that he'll love despite it's tiny size.
check out my latest find here.
could you do it?
i'd love to try.


  1. i love this little home! we have become accustomed to our little 299sq/ft studio, and actually really like being in close quarters with each other. the one thing i miss is having an outside space to enjoy... this little hummingbird haven has the PERFECT balance! A little bit more than the tumbleweed home ;)

  2. Here's my small space...........but you already knew that.


  3. Oh my gosh. No! lol I really don't think I could, but I think it's because I have three kids that seem intent on growing!! It's so cute though... :)


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