sb sunday.

sunday morning we awoke again to crystal-clear skies and a view to the ocean from our bedroom.
(yes, lindley and i (and our mom on one of those nights) shared a huge white puffy feather bed)
we had plans for a couple friends from childhood to visit around lunch time, so we scurried off to breakfast at a place i had only read about.
renaud's is a little french-inspired cafe that came to town after we had left.
my hot chocolate was topped beautifully, their croissants were flaking, buttery and approved by our mom (who loves croissants), while lindley's breakfast sandwich with fresh tomato and oozy cheese hit the spot, too.
i know next time d travels to see his mom and dad, he'll try to make time for this stop.

afterwards we grabbed one of the girlfriends who had arrived and headed down to the sunday art walk on cabrillo boulevard.
the best stop was the woman selling her handmade hula hoops.

afterwards we jammed back up the hill to meet our second friend who had arrived without us there to greet her (bad, bad, bad...we had missed a text).
we all made a meal together and ate out on the back patio above the pool.
it was so relaxing to be amongst friends we'd known since grade school.
conversations lead to big healthy laughing fits.
they stayed all afternoon and into the late evening.

had i the ability to stop time, this is the day i would have halted upon and soaked in the surroundings, the people, and the happiness of the beautiful day.
loved. it. so.


  1. I loved it so too. :) Love you my dear friend!

  2. wow! such overflowing joy and fun! i feel refreshed just reading this!!


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