around the garden.

inspired by farmama's around the farm thursday posts i figured i could do a garden update.
we've still got a lot of soil showing.
our garden seems to be taking it's sweet time.
we knew it would be a shorter growing season here in colorado vs california, but time seems to be ticking away and the only item we've gotten to taste was carrots that we had no part in planting.
they were no good.
oh and chives, they're thriving.
perhaps this year's garden will be strictly information to guide us next year.
1st lesson-start early with some sort of covered garden situation.
it's been fun to see what our ex-landscaper landlord has planted throughout the yard and watch things bloom.
yes, that's a window from yountville we hung in our tree just above the fence.

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  1. I was so excited to see you post today. I've been wanting to take part in Farmama's thursday posts for weeks now but life......just hasn't allowed me time to get around to it. We too want to do some sort of covered early start area next year.


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