life's twists and turns.

wandering the blog world this morning, i came across swoon's post about a change she is currently making/accepting.
it got me thinking about our life one year ago.

it was about this time last year, that life began to change.
it was about this time last year, we were working on accepting the fact that we couldn't/shouldn't move onto a boat.
it was about this time last year, we considered living near family and leaving the familiar and the friends.
it was about this time last year, we explored the idea of leaving our careers and heading to colorado.

and here we are.
almost one year later.
finally, one of us (d) has landed back on their career track.
it's been a financial struggle.
it's been scary not having health insurance.
it's been a bumpy ride.

we just became an aunt and uncle, though.
we got to be present through the pregnancy.
i got to see my nephew enter the world.
it's bonded me to him in a way i didn't expect.
i feel i have to take care of him.
i want to be near him.
i wouldn't have wanted to miss this for the world.
so, although our life choices make connections for us and sometimes i wonder what connections there could've or would've been, i know the ones we have, right here, right where we've landed.
and they are familial.
and they are good.
they make perfect sense.


  1. So cool, Kim! Made me all teary-eyed :)


  2. What an extraordinary year, Blythe. You are a brave girl and deserve all happiness in the world. Wish you lots of precious little moments with Tyden and your family.

  3. Hello, I came over to your blog from the list participating in color week. As I began to read this post it sounded all too familiar. Leaving the familiar and the friends and moving to Colorado. We have done it too. We are in Colorado Springs. We are only three months in and it was encouraging to read your post. Family is so important. We are very close to several family members. Two days after we moved here my mom (who lives here) was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is not how we envisioned our family time beginning, our move beginning. Things have been scary and there has been much upheaval. We left the most amazing friends. Thank you for sharing this post. I am so thankful that I clicked over and was able to read it. Kelly

  4. I am so glad you moved here and are still here. Fun to see Nicolai come full circle into this world too. Thanks for being close so I can enjoy my nephew and watch you enjoy being a mom and auntie. We love you.


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