our little hunter.

our poor mr. cat doesn't ever go outside.
sometimes i feel really, really bad about this.
other times i realize we live on a relatively busy road and know that we'd never forgive ourselves if he disappeared.
the other morning i noticed his little tail hanging from the windowsill.
i was curious.
what was he up to?
i got down low and hung with him for a moment.
and what do you know, a woodpecker?
on the ground?
digging in the dirt...or is it pecking in the dirt?
oh diego, i'm sorry we don't allow you out.
but you bring us so much joy and love.
for a couple of dog-people (without a dog) you make us so happy.


  1. I love my little nephew cat even though he doesn't love his dog cousin and hissed at Tyden and I while nursing the other day. What a character!

  2. Awww! So sweet...Reminds me of Mini. We actually let her out, but only for a little while during the day. Mini likes to roll around on the ground and get some sun. She pretty much stays in our backyard anyway. I think she's getting too old to be able to jump fences, and she's always really good about coming back in the house when we call her. She's not just a cat, she's family! When I see pictures of Diego it makes me want to squeeze him! :)


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