bracelet swap.

thanks to a post on dandee i was alerted to a friendship bracelet swap going on this summer.
though i haven't made a friendship bracelet since junior high, i figured i'd give it a go.
after receiving my partners' contact info and exchanging bits about ourselves, i headed out to choose my thread.
oh, the choices....far, far too many.
i had planned to make the flat bracelets, but man, am i out of practice.
so the skinny round design will have to do.
yesterday, i made a total of 8 bracelets and then chose the 3 that best represented my swap partners.
today they'll be tied off and stuck into envelopes.
tomorrow they'll set off for texas, oregon, and california, to grace the wrists of my new friends.
and i'll heal from the friendship bracelet blister i created on my left middle finger.
what fun.

1 comment:

  1. I got a book at a garage sale about how to make all different types of friendship bracelets. I can't wait until Lissy is old enough to make a bunch with me. Your look amazing. I never learned those fancy ways and just always stuck to the braid types. Can't wait to see the ones you get in return.


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