drumroll please...

so, i've been dreaming up a little invention for my mode of transportation.
d and i share one car.
that means i ride a bike.
when it rains on the bikes at the bike racks everyone ties a plastic grocery bag around their seats.
i've come up with a much fancier rain cover.
would you use one?
think i could make a living on these?


  1. very neat!! maybe you should throw some up on etsy :)

  2. I would use one if I lived in a town!
    Etsy for sure. What about putting a little tag on it that it is by you and trying to get one of the breweries to do advertising on it? That could get your name out there. Would your shop sell them. One in each color for each colored section of the store? I have friends in SF that own a bike shop. CYKEL it is a boutique style bicycle store and the owner would love these. I have a lot of ideas about this...


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